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Anders Auto Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with K3 Forehead Auto Thermometer and Adjustable Stand

Size:135(L) X 100(W) X 1640(H)mm (if not Extended 1010(H)mm)

Product Code : BSS 2in1

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Package : K3 Forehead Auto Thermometer + Auto Hand Sanitizer Dispenser + Black Adjustable Stand


  • Forehead Auto Thermometer 

  • Description
  • 1. Non-contact, no need to handheld, avoid cross-infection.
  • 2. Using a new chip, the induction time is faster (500 ms); the pass rate per minute is greatly improved (50 people / min).
  • 3. High temperature measurement accuracy, accuracy tolerance: +/- 0.2 (34 ~ 45 degree C)
  • 4. With warning of light failure detection and warning of abnormal temperature light.
  • 5. Can be connected to USB power source, power bank, built-in lithium battery.
  • 6. High-definition display with 5m viewing distance.



Anders Auto Sensor Hand Sanitizer Dispenser 1000ml (Mist Spray)


Capacity: 1000ml

Material: ABS

Color: White

With UV disinfection for kill virus 

Mist Pump (Suitable for Hand Sanitizer Liquid)

Pump System more than 100k press

Appx per shot : 0.4ml

ON / OFF Button

Battery (not included) / Plug Adaptor 6V,1A (optional)

Battery size use: "C" X 4pcs (Appx 30,000 shot with heavy duty battery)

Light Indicate for Low Battery 

Window design


Black Auto Hand Sanitizer Dispenser c/w ADJUSTABLE Stand

Effective and Adjustable Sanitizer Stand ONLY

Size: 1460 (H) x 135 (L) x 100 (D)mm (1010 (H) (if not extend) , Base : 280 (DIA) x 30 (H) mm

Weight : 6.30 kg

Material : Steel with powder coating

Color: Black Powder Coated

Adjustable height stand Can install all type of sanitizer dispenser Can DIY installation

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