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Anders Hand Soap Dispenser 1000ml
Size : 125(L) x 95(W) x 222(H)mm

Product Code : ATR1000W

Slim Spray Bottle 500ml (Taiwan)
Capacity: 500ml

Product Code : SSB-T500

Anders Floral Fresh Floor Cleaner (Disinfectant, Deodorizer & Cleaner)
Packing: 10 L

Product Code : FFF

Round Spray Bottle 500ml (Red)
Capacity 500ml

Product Code : SBT-500

Stainless Steel Floor Standing Cigarette Ashtray Bin Stand 1200
Size : 100(D)Pole x 225(W) Bottom x 1100(H)mm

Product Code : GPX-129K

Grey Round Step on Bin 35L
Size : 375(D) x 540(H)

Product Code : GSOB35L

Grey Round Step on Bin 18L
Size : 315(D) x 405(H)mm

Product Code : GSOB18L

Swing Top Recycle Bin 45L
Size : 405(L) X 290(W) X 670(H)mm

Product Code : STRB-45

Stainless Steel Recycle Bin Swing Top
Szize : 380(L) x 235 (W) x 760 (H)mm

Product Code : recycle-345/SS

Stainless Steel Recycle bin 4 in 1
Size : 1600(L) x 400(W) x 800(H) mm

Product Code : Recycle - 152

Stainless Steel Recycle Bin Flip Top - 363
Size: 345(D) x 785 (H)mm

Product Code : RCB-363

Stainless Steel Recycle Bin Flip Top - 383
Size : 380(D) x 760(H) mm

Product Code : RCB-383

Stainless Steel Rectangular Recycle Flip bin 155
Size : 380(L) x 230(W) x 760(H)mm

Product Code : Recycle-155/ss

Stainless Steel Recycle bin 3 in 1
Size : 1200(L) x 400(W) x 800(H) (mm)

Product Code : Recycle - 151

Anders Hand Towel Interfold Tissue 200 Virgin Pulp (Hygienic Full Wrapped)
Packing: 200s X 20pkt

Product Code : AHTI -FW

Clinical Step On Bin Square 30L, 45L, 68L, 88L
Capacity : 30L, 45L, 68L, 87L

Product Code : SOB

Kenju E-Clean Auto Floor Scrubber ES18 (3 in 1) Twin Brush
Size: 518x 410 x 1235mm

Product Code : K-ES 18

Kenju Ride On Auto Floor Scrubber EAS140 (Europe) XL - Eco Mode
Size: 1450 X 1050 X 1300mm

Product Code : K-EAS 140

Kenju Ride On Auto Floor Scrubber EAS80 (Europe) L-Eco Mode
Size : 1200 X 820 X 1150mm

Product Code : K-EAS 80

AR Hand Foam Soap Dispenser 800R (Transparent Blue) - Foam Pump
Size : 135(L) x 90(W) x 236(H) mm

Product Code : AR 800R

Maple Recycle Bin 120L (3 in 1)
Size : 460(W) x 460(D) x 975(H)mm / unit

Product Code : Recycle Maple 120

Flexible Dust Wand

Product Code : FDW

2 Step Chair Ladder (Heavy Duty)
Size: 510(L) x 580(W) x 610(H) mm

Product Code : 2SL-621

Fly Trap Insect Glue Board W30
Size :125 (W) x 430(L) mm

Product Code : FTIGB-W30

Outdoor Convex Mirror with Cap 800mm (For Pole)
Size : 800(D)mm

Product Code : OCM-800mm

Outdoor Convex Mirror with Cap 600mm (For Pole)
Size: 600(D)mm

Product Code : OCM-600mm

Clean Room Sticky Mat 26 x 45"
Size: 26" x 45" (30 sheets x 8 mats) / carton

Product Code : SM 26X45

Wheel Clamp (Motor / Car)
Size : : 48(L) x 22(H) x 5.5(W) cm

Product Code : WC-25

Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser 800ml
Size : 105(L) x 60(W) x 180(H) mm

Product Code : SDV-800

Sauce PP Container 4Oz with Lid
Packing: 50pcs X 20pkt / Ctn

Product Code : SC 4Oz

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