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Kenju Mini Auto Scrubber EAS11 (Li Ion Battery) 180 Degree Dry System

Size: 401(L) X 585(W) X 1040(H)mm

Product Code : Kenju EAS11

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Cleaning efficiency 800 m2/H
Squeegee width 340mm
Brush Width 11 inch
Brush Speed 350 RPM
Clean Water Tank Capacity 6L
Dirty Water Tank Capacity 9L
Brush 1 pc
Voltage 24 V
Brush Motor 200 W
Suction Motor Power 120 W
Noise Level 65 dB
Lithium Battery Capacity 12 Ah / 16 Ah
Working Time 2 Hr / 1.5 Hr
Full Charge Time 3 to 5 Hr
Net Weight 20 Kg
Size 401(L) X 585(W) X 1040(H)mm

Standard Accesories   :

Floor Brush-1 pc

External Battery Charger - 1unit


Cleans up to 80% faster than conventional wet mopping and up to 40% faster than conventional auto scrubbing.

Innovative 21st-century scrubber design eliminates many of the challenges of traditional mop and bucket cleaning.

EAS11 leaves a safer, drier floor by quietly and effectively recovering used water.

The EAS11 and its ability to get right to the edge and under obstacles means a virtual elimination of manual operations that are required to supplement conventional machine scrubbing.

The cleaning power of the disc brush and rubber squeegee perfect drying in every direction with 180 Degree rotatable make the EAS11 ideal for cleaning small and medium areas.

Light and easy to carry and handle, it is designed to meet the needs of daily cleaning, especially in hard-to-reach spaces.

Easy to transport to different working site for cleaning with foldable handle.

The fast charge allows you to use several times in a day with constant power throughout the entire cleaning operation.

Rotary head equipped with parabolic squeegee which continuously follows the direction of the machine, for perfect scrubbing and drying results in any direction


The squeegee can also dry backwards, making cleaning operations under tables and chairs even easier.

180degree rotating squeegee, adjustable handle, 90 degree wall can be cleaned. 

Work life easier for the operator who is no longer an exhausted manual laborer, but rather a motivated and proud operator of latest cleaning equipment.


Building manager more easier can establish more efficient cleaning procedures, while the building occupants experience a cleaner and healthier environment.

Perfect for Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe, Cleaning contractor, and for all areas where it is necessary to clean up to 10,000 sq/ft max.

The floor is dry and safe to walk on in just a few seconds, preventing the risk of dangerous slips. Ideal for restaurants, self service diners or bars, even for cleaning during business hours.

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