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Europa 100 Full Set Cover Janitor Cart Trolley with Double Wringer Bucket and Pail
Size : 1420(L) X 505(W) X 1100(H)mm

Product Code : JCFC -FC100

Powder Coated Mini Housekeeping Trolley
Size : 965(L) x 480(W) x 1010(H)mm

Product Code : PMT-020

Stainless Steel Maid Trolley
Size:1400 (L) X 500(W) X 1180(H)mm

Product Code : SSMT-018

Stainless Steel Wooden Maid Trolley (Foldable Side)
Size:1420 (L) X 460(W) X 1140(H)mm

Product Code : WMT-015

Stainless Steel Linen Hanging Trolley
Size:1219(W) x 406(L) x 1828(H)mm

Product Code : LHT-300/SS

Stainless Steel Linen Hanging Trolley C/W Bottom Basket Compartment
Size:1220(W) x 545(L) x 1700(H)mm

Product Code : LD-LHT-301/SS

Maid Trolley C/W Door
Size: 1540(W) x 540(L) x 1280(H)mm

Product Code : PMT-510/P

Stainless Steel Collection & Sorting Of Soiled Linen Trolley
Size: 1120(L) x 530(W) x 950(H)mm

Product Code : CSL-501/SS

Stainless Steel Escort Cart
Size:1200(W) x 450(L) x 1040(H)mm

Product Code : ECT-900/SS

Powder Coated Maid Trolley
Size: 1486(W) x 559(L) x 1168(H) mm

Product Code : MDT-206/EX(GR)

Stainless Steel Maid Trolley
Size: 1486(L) x 559(W) x 1168(H)mm

Product Code : MDT-206/SS(B)

Maid Trolley
Size: 1480(W) x 550(L) x 1000(H)mm

Product Code : PMT-509/P

Powder Coated Maid Trolley C/W Organiser & Cover
Size:1460(W) x 480(L) x 1180(H)mm

Product Code : LD-MDT-208EX(GR)

Powder Coating Maid Trolley C/W Organiser & Door
Size: 1460(W) x 540(L) x 1370(H)mm

Product Code : LD-MDT-207EX(GR)

Stainless Steel Soiled Linen Trolley
Size: 920(W) x 680(L) x 800(H)mm

Product Code : SLT-505/SS

Powder Coating Soiled Linen Trolley
Size: 930(L) x 560(W) x 900(H)mm

Product Code : SLT-507/EX(GR)

Powder Coating Dirty Linen Trolley
Size:970m(L) x 590(W) x 950(H)mm

Product Code : DLT-508/EX(GR)

Stainless Steel X-2 Trolley
Size:800(L) x 520(W) x 880(H)mm

Product Code : SLT-511/SS

Fiberglass Linen Trolley
Size: 980 (W) x 680 (L) x 840(H)mm

Product Code : FGLT-512/FG

Powder Coating Clean Linen Trolley
Size:720(L) x 535(W) x 1800(H)mm

Product Code : CLT-800/EX(GR)

Stainless Steel Folding Luggage Stand
Size: 550 (W) x 500 (L) x 700 (H)mm

Product Code : FLS-700/SS

Stainess Steel Linen Laundry Trolley (Foldable)
Size : 850(L) x 450(W) x 850(H) mm

Product Code : LDT-350