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Stainless Steel Barricade
Size: 2000(L) X 50(Dia) X 1000(H)mm

Product Code : SSB

Elastic Pole PE (Yellow)
Size: 80(Dia) x 750(H) mm

Product Code : PEB-15 Y

Traffic Lane Block Flexible Pole
Base Size: 800(L) X 200(W) X 130(H)mm Pole Size: 815(H)mm

Product Code : TFPL

Rubber Wheel Stopper
Size: 1830(L) x 150(W) x 100(H) mm

Product Code : RWS-1830

Metal Bollard
Size 75(Dia) X 810(H)

Product Code : MB

Clamping Signage Stand (Heavy Duty)
Frame Size: 305 x 457 mm (12' x18') Stand Size : 300(W) x 500(L) X 1280(H)mm

Product Code : CSS-01

Clamping Signage Board (Wall)
Size: 600 X 600mm

Product Code : ACP-158

Safety Vest
Free Size

Product Code : Safety-Vest-2

Safety Vest Black
Free Size

Product Code : Safety-Vest-1

Road Barrier
Size : 1000(W) x 480(D) x 780(H)mm

Product Code : Road-Barrier

Traffic Cone Chain Holder
Size : 82 (Top Dia) X 92 (Bottom Dia) X 28 (H) mm

Product Code : CH002

Rubber Speed Road Hump (500mm)
Size : 500(L) x 350(W) x 50(H)mm

Product Code : RH-500mm

Stainless Steel Bollard
Size : 100 (Dia) x 1030(H)mm

Product Code : SSB-100

Mild Steel Powder Coated Pole (For Outdoor Convex Mirror)
Size: 3" (Dia) X 9ft (H)

Product Code : MS-9

Traffic Cone 30 with Reflective Sticker (Heavy Duty)
Size Base: 360(W) x 360(L) x 700(H)mm

Product Code : TC28

Rubber Road Hump End Piece
Size: 175(L) x 350 (W) x 50(H) mm

Product Code : RHE

Rubber Traffic Cone 30 with Reflective Sticker
Size Base: 340(L) x 340(W) x 700(H)mm

Product Code : TC30

Epoxy Retractable Barricade Barrier
Size: 3m (L) X 1m (H)

Product Code : PCB

Traffic Cone 30 with Reflective Sticker
Size : 380(L) x 380(W) x 750(H) mm

Product Code : CC30

Traffic Cone Triangle
Size: 385 (D) x 385 (W) x 655 (H) mm

Product Code : TCT01

Traffic Cone Collapsible 24"
Size : 300(L) x 300(W) x 670(H) mm

Product Code : TCC 24

Multi Function Flash Light Baton

Product Code : MFL

Road Safety Mannequin (Battery Operated)
Size : 630 x 760 x 1730(H)mm

Product Code : RSM001

Proguard Safety Helmet
Color: White , Yellow

Product Code : Proguard Safety Helmet

Body Harness Safety Belt Spain

Product Code : Body Harness & Safety Belt Spain

Clamping Signage Board
Size: 305 x 457 mm (12' x18')

Product Code : Clamping Signage

Plastic Chain Holder (For Elastic Pole)

Product Code : PCH-1155

Plastic Chain
Size: 6 mm x 25 meters (L)

Product Code : PC-625

Caution Tape
Size: 3'' x 50 meters

Product Code : Caution Tape

Elastic Pole PE (Blue) Custom Color
Size: 80(D) x 750(H) mm

Product Code : PEB-025

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