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Sauce PP Container 4Oz with Lid
Packing: 50pcs X 20pkt / Ctn

Product Code : SC 4Oz

White Paper Straw (6mm)
Packing: 100pc x 60pkt / ctn (6mm Dia)

Product Code : PS-6mm

Automatic Shoe Cover Machine
Size: 40(L) X 21(W) X 12(H)cm

Product Code : SCD

Disposable Poly Glove (Food Grade)
Packing : 100pcs / box

Product Code : DPG-100

Safety Eyewear Googgles

Product Code : GSG

Latex Glove (Powder Free)
Packing: 100pcs X 10box/ctn

Product Code : LG-100

Mouth Protector Mask
Packing: 10pcs / box

Product Code : Mouth Protector Mask

White Paper Straw with Wrapper (6mm)
Packing: 250pcs x 24pkt / ctn (6mm Dia)

Product Code : Paper Straw 6000

White Paper Straw (8mm)
Packing : 50pcs x 60pkt/ctn (8mm Dia)

Product Code : Paper Straw 8mm

Brown Paper Straw (6mm)
Packing : 50pc x 100pkt/ctn (6mm Dia)

Product Code : Brown Paper Straw 6mm

Paper Cone Cup 4Oz
Packing : 180pcs X 25 box

Product Code : PCC 4Oz

Disposable Table Cloth Plastic
Size: 70" X 70"

Product Code : DTCP

Disposable Face Mask 3ply (Ear Loop)
Packing: 50pcs / box

Product Code : DFM-2P

Face Shield Spectacle Splash Prevention

Product Code : FSS

Rectangular Food Container 1000
Packing 50 sets X 1 ctn

Product Code : RFC 1000

Disposable Hair Net (Blue / White)
Packing : 100pcs X 20 pkts /ctn

Product Code : HB100

Nitrile Gloves (Powder Free)
Packing : 100pcs / box

Product Code : NG-100

Cotton Glove
Packing: 12 Pairs / Pkt

Product Code : Cotton Glove

Rubber Hand Glove
Packing : 1 Pair

Product Code : RHG-Y

Face Shield Splash Prevention (Anti Fog)
Packing : 100pcs/ctn

Product Code : FSSP

Sanitize Wet Wipes Individuals Pack (Non Alcohol)
Packing : 30pc x 12box / Ctn

Product Code : Sanitizing Wipes Alcohol

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