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Water Hose 30M
Packing: 30m / roll

Product Code : WHHD-30M

Industrial Stackable Basket
Size : 363(W) x 522(L) x 296(H)mm

Product Code : SB2070

Synthetic Dust Control Mop 60cm (Color)
Mop Size: 60cm (L)

Product Code : SDC

CT Scraper Small
Size: 110(L) X 50(W) X12(H)mm

Product Code : CT-S

Lidi Broom with Handle

Product Code : LBH

Ceiling Broom

Product Code : CB10

CT Window Scraper Blue (Heavy Duty)
Size: 210(L) X 100(W)mm X 30(Dia)mm

Product Code : CTWS-B

Foam Floor Squeegee 30"
Size : 30" (L)

Product Code : PFS30

Pencakar Rumput Besi

Product Code : PB

Window Squeegee Plastic 10"

Product Code : WSP 10

Window Squeegee
Size: 14"

Product Code : ws14

Bottle Pump 100ml
Capacity: 100ml

Product Code : BP100

Anders Yellow Caution Sign Board - Jarak Sosial / Social Distance
Size : 206 (top) L x 295( bottom) L x 670(H) mm

Product Code : AYCSB

Anders Yellow Caution Sign Board - CAUTION WET FLOOR

Product Code : Anders Yellow Caution Sign Board

Green Scouring Pads
Packing : 5pcs/pack

Product Code : Scouring Pads

Rubbermaid Sweeper Manual 4213
Size : 267(L) x 241(W) x 1118(H)mm

Product Code : RSM-4213

Cleaning Brush with Telescopic Water Inlet Extention Pole
Size: 6' (L)

Product Code : BTWI

Small Dustpan with Brush

Product Code : SDB

Coco Brush
Size : 6"

Product Code : CB

Scott Brite Sponge 2 Side Function
Packing: 5pcs / Pack

Product Code : Scott Brite Sponge 2 Side Function

Stainless Steel Ball Scourer

Product Code : Stainless Steel Ball Scourer

Synthentic Duster (Normal)

Product Code : Synthentic Duster (Normal)

Toilet Pump

Product Code : Toilet Pump

Garbage Picker Clamp

Product Code : Garbage clamp

Self Closing Dustpan
Size: 315(W) x 290(D) x 950(H) mm

Product Code : SCLD-15

Carpet Bonnet Pad
Size: 17" Diameter

Product Code : CBP

3M Floor Pads
BLACK PAD - Stripping, RED PAD - Buffing, WHITE PAD - Polishing, BEIGE PAD - Topline Speed Burnish pad

Product Code : 3M

Tools Container
Size: 385(W) x 335(D) x 120(H) mm

Product Code : TC-606

Collection Tray
Height: 150 mm

Product Code : Tableware

Aluminium Telescopic Extension Pole 3 Extension

Product Code : ATEP.

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