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Flexible Dust Wand


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Color : Blue


Cleaning & Dusting Wand : 29.25in x 3.5in

Wand Sleeve                     : 23.5in x 3.25in


Dusting Wand extends your reach, leaving hard-to-reach spaces spick and span.

Dry or damp, it’s your secret to a swifter, simpler, savvier clean. The durable stainless steel and foam wand flexes so it’s easy to reach awkward places like behind radiators and around ceiling fan blades.

Use the microfiber sleeve dry to quickly trap dust, cobwebs, and pet hair. With long, super soft microfibers, it grabs dust and dirt and won't let go, unlike ordinary dusters that move debris from one place to another.

Dampen the reusable sleeve with water to quickly remove dirt and grime. When you’re done, rinse or toss in the laundry.


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