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Humidifier Disinfectant Fog Machine 13L (Remote Control)
Size; 28.5L X 19W X 48Hcm (Casing) 98.5(H) with Mist Outlet

Product Code : T-KC-TF66D

KF94 Face Mask (Korea Design)
Packing: 10pcs/pkt

Product Code : KF94

Uni-Medica Antigen Test Kit COVID19
Packing: 20sets / box X 25box / ctn

Product Code : UNI-TK

Automatic Shoe Cover Machine
Size: 40(L) X 21(W) X 12(H)cm

Product Code : SCD

Easy Nano Mist Solution 5L (KKM Approved)
Packing: 5L

Product Code : ECNM 5L

Easy Care Nano Fogging Air Mist Smoke Solution 5L
Packing: 5L

Product Code : ECNF 5L

K3X Forehead Thermometer with Sound
Size: 15 X 10 X 6cm

Product Code : K3X

Anders Auto Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with K3 Forehead Auto Thermometer and Adjustable Stand
Size:135(L) X 100(W) X 1640(H)mm (if not Extended 1010(H)mm)

Product Code : BSS 2in1

Humidifier Disinfectant Machine 16L
Size: 24cm(L) x 24 cm(W) x 99cm (H)

Product Code : HFDM 600

Disposable PPE Boot Cover (Knee Length )

Product Code : DPPEBC

Disposable PPE Coverall Suit
Size: 185cm -195cm XL

Product Code : PPE-S11

NEWGENE COVID19 Antigen Test Kit
Size: 25 sets X 1 box

Product Code : NewgeneTK

Black Powder Coated Adjustable stand + Hand Sanitizer Dispenser 1000ml
Size:135(L) X 100(W) X 1640(H)mm (if not Extended 1010(H)mm)

Product Code : BPCSDS

Disposable Shoe Cover Plastic
Packing: 100pc

Product Code : DSC

Nano Gun Mist Atomizer Sprayer Disinfectant 300 (Wireless)
Size: 232 X 196 X 61 mm

Product Code : NG-300

Airnergy Auto Disinfectant Spray 250ml (For Auto Aerosol Dispenser)
Packing: 250ml x 24units / ctn

Product Code : AADS 250

Face Shield Acrylic Hard Cover (Anti Splash Anti Fog)
Size: 225(L) x 150(H)mm

Product Code : FSH

Nano Gun Mist Atomizer Sprayer Disinfectant 800 T11 Heavy Duty (Wireless)
Size: 255 X 90 X 235mm

Product Code : NG-T11800

Disposable Poly Glove (Food Grade)
Packing : 100pcs / box

Product Code : DPG-100

Anders Auto Sensor Hand Sanitizer Gel / Hand Soap Dispenser 700 with Stainless Steel Stand
Size : 220(L) x 170(W) x 1680(H)mm

Product Code : SSAHS-33

Anders Smart Auto Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with Table Stand - Mist Spray
Size: 136(L) X 102(W) X 245(H)mm

Product Code : AAT-1000L

Anders Auto Sensor Soap / Hand Sanitizer Gel Dispenser 700ml
Size: 110(L) X 96(W) X 165(H)mm

Product Code : ASD

Anders Auto Hand Sanitizer Dispenser 3in1 Stand (Forehead Auto Thermometer+ My Sejahtera QR Scan boa
Size : 420(L) x 180(W) x 1720(H)mm

Product Code : 3A1000L

K3 Forehead Auto Thermometer With Tripod Stand
Adjustable Size : Height 63-140CM

Product Code : FTWTS-10

Stainless Steel Sanitizer Foot Pedal Stand
Size : Base : 240(W) x 300(L) x Height : 1230mm

Product Code : SSSSOS-17

Stainless Steel Dispenser Stand with Acrylic Board
Size : 1310(H), 1440(H) with arylic x 100(Dia) x Base 320(Dia)mm

Product Code : SSSWA-16

Anders Stainless Steel Auto Hand Sanitizer Dispenser 850 (Mist Pump)
Size : 102 (L) x 95(W) x 215(H)mm

Product Code : SSASC-201

Disposable HDPE Apron 29" X 54"
Packing: 20pcs x 50pkts / ctn

Product Code : HDPE Apron

Latex Gloves
Packing: 100pcs X 10box/ctn

Product Code : LG-100

Sanitize Wet Wipes Individuals Pack (Non Alcohol)
Packing : 30pc x 12box/ctn

Product Code : Sanitizing Wipes Alcohol

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