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Diversey J-512 Sanitizer 5L (Concentrate) Food Grade

Packing : 5 Liters

Product Code : Diversey J-512 Sanitizer

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DIVERSEY J-512 SURFACE SANITIZER (5L) No Rinse Sanitizer For Food Contact Surfaces


Description J-512 TM Sanitizer is designed for use in dairies, restaurants, bars and institutions where sanitization is of prime importance.



• Sanitizes surfaces, utensils and equipment Helps you meet rigid government and company inspection standards. • Effective Sanitizes all food contact and other hard environment surfaces. • Versatile Can be sprayed on mobile and immobile equipment and used in commercial sinks for sink immersion of utensils. • Saves time No need to rinse... just allow to drain and air dry.

Use instructions Remove all gross food particles and soil from areas, which are to be sanitized with a good deter- gent, pre-flush, pre-soak or pre-scape treatment,

Rinse with a potable water rinse. To sanitize pre-cleaned and potable water-rinsed, non-porous, food contact surfaces, prepare a 200 ppm active quaternary solution by adding 30ml of J-512 Sanitizer to 15 litres of water.

To sanitize immobile items such as tanks, chopping blocks and counter tops, flood the area with a 200 ppm active quaternary solution for at least 120 seconds making sure to wet all surfaces completely.

Remove excess, drain the use solution from the surface and air dry. Prepare a fresh solution daily or more frequently as soil is apparent.


US EPA Registration Number 70627-63

Product SKU HHP107100

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