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Easy Care Nano Fogging Air Mist Smoke Solution 5L

Packing: 5L

Product Code : ECNF 5L

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- Kill 99.9% Bacteria, Virus , Germs and Pathogens - For indoor and outdoor disinfection usage - Applicable to home, car, office, work place, factory, construction site disinfetion - No need to dilute - Applicable for Electronic Spray ,Pressure Spray ,Electronic Steam Sprayer , Fogging Machine




~ Do not use this product to apply on eyes/ mouth. ~ Do not spray towards human and animals. ~ Do not drink/ shower with this fluid ~ Keep away from children ~ Only apply or spray this fluid in empty room, let it sit and dry for at least 30min. ~ Be careful when applying / spraying on leather surface such as car interior ~ Try to apply on small area, and continue if the condition is acceptable. ~ If feeling not comfortable, please consult your nearest clinic / doctor.

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