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FDC Disinfectant Surface and Cleaner Spray

Packing : 500ml

Product Code : FDCD500

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Contain: AlkylDimenthyl Benzyl Ammoniumchloride, Disodium Trisilicate, Sodium Hydroxide

Approved by FDA, EPA and MOH


Applicable use : Misting, Fogging and Wiping

Kill Germs, virus and bacteria 99.99%

Use for disinfectant and sanitizing of building and office, factory from human coronavirus.

Sanitization for carpet, toilet, handle, door knob, house, living room and many more hard surface cleaning.

Can use for mist blower machine, spray bottle refill, fogging machine, sprayer.


For Usage Dilution

Disinfection - Direct use

Cleaning - Dilute 1: 20

Light Cleaning - Dilute 1: 64

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