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JHC Pocket Hand Sanitizer Gel 100ml

Packing : 100ml

Product Code : JHCPHSG100

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-With Moisturizer Hand Carry

-Instant Hand sanitizer Lotion pump head

-Contain: Aqua , Sec Propyl, Alcohol 75%, TCE Conditioner , Parfum

-Store below 30 degrees Keep away from heat

-Kills Germs instantly 99.99%


-Rinse free

-Store below 30 degrees

-Made in Malaysia

-Put in your pocket or bag easy and convenient .

-Pump directly onto your palm and rub on your finger and hand front and back.

Pump the sanitizer on the tissue and wipe the table when you eating outside

before place your hand on top of table,

as many people have sit before and might carry germs.

-Prevention is better than cure with this pocket Hand sanitizer.

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