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Kenju Carpet Extractor & Sofa Cleaner 3 in 1

Size: 550(L) X 1110(W) X 1050(H)mm

Product Code : KCE-N5A

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Voltage                           : 220V / 50Hz

Power                             : 2350 W

Roller brush speed         : 1400 RPM / min

Roller Brush motor         : 220V / 190W

Roller Brush                   : 400mm

Cleaning Rate                : 450 m2/h x

Suction Motor                 : 1000 W x 2

Water Pump                   : 130W

Pump Preassure            : 30 PSI

Suction Vacuum Head   : 460mm (W)

Water Spray motor         : 220V / 110W

Suction pressure           : 210m bar

Clean Water Tank          : 30L

Sewage Tank                 : 35L

Cable                             : 18m

Machine Weight             : 46 kg

Color                              : Grey


Standard Accesories : Hand tool water sucker and tube hosewith sprayer



Spray water shampoo , washing , vacuum absorb water all three in one way do together

Heavy Duty Suction Motor 2 unit with poerful suction

Reduce amount of cleaning detergent , not to spoilt the carpet material but fulfy after washing the carpet

Hand tool sucker in one machine very convenient can clean curtain, sofa cover, matress and edge of carpet.

Special 10inch wheel for pull up from back at the curb site or stairs

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