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Stainless Steel Foam Soap Dispenser 1200ML
Size : 70(W) x 127(L) x 200(H)mm

Product Code : FSHD-1200ML

Chemical Tank 550L
Size: 850(D) X 1160(H)mm

Product Code : CT 550

Chemical Tank 350L
Size: 770mm(D) X 1020(H)mm

Product Code : CT 350

Chemical Tank 200L
Size: 640mm(D) X 840(H)mm

Product Code : CT 200

Chemical Tank 100L
Size: 535mm(D) X 670(H)mm

Product Code : CT 100

Chemical Tank 50L
Size: 435mm(D) X 525mm(H)

Product Code : CT 50

Window Squeegee 14"
Size: 14"

Product Code : ws14

K3 Forehead Auto Thermometer With Tripod Stand
Adjustable Size : Height 63-140CM

Product Code : FTWTS-10

Stainless Steel Recycle Bin 2 in 1
Size : 600(L) x 355(W) x 760(H)mm

Product Code : Recycle-318/SS

Ecoformat DIY Set Car Mat (Magic Grip Backing)
Size : 60cm x 320cm (per roll)

Product Code : ECO-4

Viper Carpet Extractor (Denmark) CEX410
Size : 1168(L) x 508(W) x 889(H)mm

Product Code : Viper CEX410

Recycle Maple 120 4 In 1 (Recycle Sign)
Size : 460(L) x 460(W) x 975(H)mm

Product Code : Recycle Maple 120

Tana Universal Carpet Shampoo (Germany)
Packing : 10 Liters

Product Code : TANA10

Stainless Steel Sanitizer Foot Pedal Stand
Size : Base : 240(W) x 300(L) x Height : 1230mm

Product Code : SSSSOS-17

Dara Sensor Bin 35L
Size : 350(W) x 270(D) x 670(H)mm

Product Code : EK 9267MT

Mirage Sensor Bin 45L
Size : 270(W) x 460(D) x 655(H)mm

Product Code : EK 9278-45L

Mirage Sensor Bin 30L
Size : 250(W) x 375(D) x 624(H)mm

Product Code : EK 9278-30L

Mirage Sensor Bin 20L
Size : 250(W) x 375(D) x 440(H)mm

Product Code : EK 9278-20L

Stainless Steel Dispenser Stand with Acrylic Board
Size : 1310(H), 1440(H) with arylic x 100(Dia) x Base 320(Dia)mm

Product Code : SSSWA-16

Anders Stainless Steel Auto Hand Sanitizer Dispenser 850 (Mist Pump)
Size : 102 (L) x 95(W) x 215(H)mm

Product Code : SSASC-201

Latex Gloves
Packing: 100pcs X 10box/ctn

Product Code : LG-100

Glass Bottle Pump Hand Soap 500ml
Capacity : 500ml

Product Code : GBPHS500

Sanitize Wet Wipes Individuals Pack (Non Alcohol)
Packing : 30pc x 12box/ctn

Product Code : Sanitizing Wipes Alcohol

Bottle Pump 100ml
Capacity: 100ml

Product Code : BP100

Bottle Pump 500ml
Capacity : 500ml

Product Code : BP500

Anders Auto Sensor Hand Sanitizer Liquid Dispenser with UV Light 1000ml (Mist Spray)
Size : 158(L) x 116(W) x 286(H)mm

Product Code : ASC-156

Auto Sensor Forehead Infrared Thermometer with Sejahtera Acrylic board
Size : 170(L) x 115(W x 140(H)mm

Product Code : NCF-11

FDC Disinfectant Surface and Cleaner Spray
Packing : 500ml

Product Code : FDCD500

Diversey J-512 Sanitizer 5L (Concentrate) Food Grade
Packing : 5 Liters

Product Code : Diversey J-512 Sanitizer

Stainless Steel Bottle Holder Stand with Arcylic Frame and Holder
Size : 320(L) x 320(W) x 1800(H)mm

Product Code : SSSWA-15

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