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Lavor High Pressure Water Jet Cleaner 160 Bar (Italy)

Product Code : LHP160B

Scent Diffuser Air Freshener Dispenser SD100 (Cable)
Size : 175 (L) X 88(W) X 220(H)mm

Product Code : SD 100

Rubber Hand Glove - Long Sleeve
Packing: 2pcs / Pkt

Product Code : RHG-L

Pail O.5 Gallon (Small)
Size : 0.5 Gal / 18.8(DIa) x 14.5(H)cm

Product Code : Pail0.5G

Kenju Auto Scrubber Walk Behind 20" AS50B (Battery) Europe
Size: 600(L) X 960(W) X 1240(H)mm

Product Code : KAS 50B

Kenju Mini Auto Scrubber 180 (3 in 1) Battery
Size: 370(L) X 360(W) X 1115(H)mm

Product Code : KMAS B180

Black Powder Coated Stainless Steel Recycle Bin 3 in 1
Size: 910(L) x 360(W) x 760(H)mm

Product Code : BPCRB 3in1

White Paper Straw (6mm)
Packing: 100pc x 60pkt / ctn (6mm Dia)

Product Code : PS-6mm

3 Tier Utilities Cart with Aluminum Frame
Size: 860 W x 420 D x 890 H mm

Product Code : 3 Tier

Black / Purple Platform Trolley 300kg (Heavy Duty)
Size: 60(L) X 90(W) X 90(H)cm

Product Code : BPT - 300

Black Platform Trolley 150kg (Heavy Duty)
Size: 50(L) X 72(W) X 85(H)cm

Product Code : BPT -150

Tana Grease Perfect Biodegradable (Dishwash) Germany
Packing : 10L

Product Code : Tana GP

Netcare Mosquito Repellent 100ml
Packing: 100ml X 24units/ctn

Product Code : NMR100

Automatic Shoe Cover Machine
Size: 40(L) X 21(W) X 12(H)cm

Product Code : SCD

Easy Nano Mist Solution 5L (KKM Approved)
Packing: 5L

Product Code : ECNM 5L

Easy Care Nano Fogging Air Mist Smoke Solution 5L
Packing: 5L

Product Code : ECNF 5L

K3X Forehead Thermometer with Sound
Size: 15 X 10 X 6cm

Product Code : K3X

Disposable Shoe Cover Plastic (For Shoes Cover Machine)
Packing: 100pc

Product Code : DSC

Black Powder Coated Stainless Steel Recycle Bin 4 in 1
Size : 1200(L) x 360(W) x 760(H)mm

Product Code : PCRecycle-320/SS

Nano Gun Mist Atomizer Sprayer Disinfectant 300 (Wireless)
Size: 232 X 196 X 61 mm

Product Code : NG-300

Airnergy Auto Disinfectant Spray 250ml (For Auto Aerosol Dispenser)
Packing: 250ml x 24units / ctn

Product Code : AADS 250

Washroom Flexible Hinged U-Shape Support Rail OKU
Size : 250(D) x 190(H) x 800(W)mm

Product Code : SGR-02

TVX Ride On Auto Scrubber T90 21" (UK)
Size: 1365 X 665 X 1040mm

Product Code : TVX T90R

TVX Ride On Auto Scrubber T130 X-Large Heavy Duty (UK)
Size: 1523 X 860 X 1240mm

Product Code : TVX T130R

Synthetic Dust Control Mop 60cm (Color)
Mop Size: 60cm (L)

Product Code : SDC

Face Shield Acrylic Hard Cover (Anti Splash Anti Fog)
Size: 225(L) x 150(H)mm

Product Code : FSH

Medical Sharp Waste Bin 20L
Capacity: 20L

Product Code : SWB 20L

Medical Sharp Waste Bin 10L
Capacity: 10L

Product Code : SWB 10L

CT Scraper Small
Size: 110(L) X 50(W) X12(H)mm

Product Code : CT-S

VIPER Auto Scrubber Walk Behind AS4335C (Denmark) (Cable)
Size: 1200(L) X 610(W) X 1170(H) mm

Product Code : VIPER AS4335C

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