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VIPER Auto Scrubber Walk Behind AS4335C (Denmark)
Size: 1200(L) X 610(W) X 1170(H) mm

Product Code : VIPER AS4335C

Thermal Paper Roll Japan
Size : 80 x 60mm

Product Code : TRP8060

VIDA Square Twin Soap Dispenser (Hair & Body)
Size : 130(L) x 80(W) x 220(H)mm

Product Code : VHBSD-700

Stainless Steel Recycle Bin (Swing Top)
Size: 380(W) x 230(D) x 750(H) mm

Product Code : recycle-335

Lidi Broom with Handle

Product Code : LBH

Ceiling Broom

Product Code : CB10

Nano Gun Mist Atomizer Sprayer Disinfectant 800 T11 Heavy Duty (Wireless)
Size: 255 X 90 X 235mm

Product Code : NG-T11800

Anders Sleek Hand Sanitizer Liquid Dispenser 500ML (Mist pump)
Size : 97(L) x 90(W) x 117(H)mm

Product Code : SL500L

Disposable Poly Glove (Food Grade)
Packing : 100pcs / box

Product Code : DPG-100

TOUGH-B Mobile Step On Bin 80L
Size : 470(L) x 550(W) x 805(H)mm

Product Code : SOB80

TOUGH-B Metal Leach Bin 1500L (With Cover)
Size: 1650(L) X 1370(W) X 990(H)mm Body 2000(L) X 1370(W) X 990(H)mm With Side Hinge

Product Code : MLB1500wc

Clamping Signage Stand
Clamping Signage Size : Frame Size: 305 x 457 mm (12' x18') Stand Size : 300(W)mm x 500(L)mm X 1280(H)mm

Product Code : CSS-01

CT Window Scraper Blue (Heavy Duty)
Size: 210(L) X 100(W)mm X 30(Dia)mm

Product Code : CTWS-B

Anders Auto Sensor Hand Sanitizer Gel / Hand Soap Dispenser 700 with Stainless Steel Stand
Size : 220(L) x 170(W) x 1680(H)mm

Product Code : SSAHS-33

Foam Floor Squeegee 30"
Size : 30" (L)

Product Code : PFS30

Anders Smart Auto Hand Sanitizer Gel / Hand Soap Dispenser 1000 with Table Stand
Size: 136(L) X 102(W) X 245(H)mm

Product Code : AAT-1000G

Anders Smart Auto Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with Table Stand - Mist Spray
Size: 136(L) X 102(W) X 245(H)mm

Product Code : AAT-1000L

Anders Auto Sensor Soap / Hand Sanitizer Gel Dispenser 700ml
Size: 110(L) X 96(W) X 165(H)mm

Product Code : ASD

Pencakar Rumput Besi

Product Code : PB

Window Squeegee Plastic 10"

Product Code : WSP 10

Clamping Signage Board (Wall)
Size: 600 X 600mm

Product Code : ACP-158

VIPER Ride On Auto Scrubber AS850 X Large (Denmark)

Product Code : AS850R

Anders Auto Hand Sanitizer Dispenser 3in1 Stand (Forehead Auto Thermometer+ My Sejahtera QR Scan boa
Size : 420(L) x 180(W) x 1720(H)mm

Product Code : 3A1000L

Stainless Steel Foam Soap Dispenser 1200ML
Size : 70(W) x 127(L) x 200(H)mm

Product Code : FSHD-1200ML

Chemical Tank 550L
Size: 850(D) X 1160(H)mm

Product Code : CT 550

Chemical Tank 350L
Size: 770mm(D) X 1020(H)mm

Product Code : CT 350

Chemical Tank 200L
Size: 640mm(D) X 840(H)mm

Product Code : CT 200

Chemical Tank 100L
Size: 535mm(D) X 670(H)mm

Product Code : CT 100

Chemical Tank 50L
Size: 435mm(D) X 525mm(H)

Product Code : CT 50

Anders Sofia Fresh Floor Cleaner (Disinfectant, Deodorizer & Cleaner)
Capacity: 10L

Product Code : ALSF

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