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Anders Hand Towel Interfold Tissue 200 Virgin Pulp (Hygiene Full Wrapped)

Packing: 200s X 20pkt

Product Code : AHTI -FW

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Quality       : Virgin pulp

Sheet size : 190 x 190mm


Tissue Folding : L or V Folds



- Soft, Strong and Hygiene Compact Packing & Feel Bulky

- Ready wrap every pack, easy to refill and hygienic with Individually wrapped every pack

- Compact packs and easy for staff to replenish in hand towel dispenser

- Stronger then normal thin quality in market , ours stronger when wet no problem absord water

- No Brightening Agents Chemical use free from nasties

- Hand towel Paper Grade are thicker and does not throw in sewage system, throw in waste bin dispenser

- The size and the folding make it easy to pull from the dispenser.

- Easy to refill to all hand towel dispenser


Suitable for

Shopping malls, Office Building , Restaurant, Cafe, School, Office, Factory, Home stay, Hotels, Hospital, Clinic, Cleaning Contractors, and Distributors Use Or Others

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