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Kenju Ride On Floor Vacuum Sweeper with Roof KS-1400 (Europe)

Size: 1750(L) X 1250(W) X 1350(H)mm

Product Code : KSW-1400

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The KS1400 is one of the flagship models of the Kenju range ride-on floor sweeper range.

It’s feature packed, extremely well built and provides superb value for money against any other brand, it been exported to country in Europe according to the standard high quality.

This ride-on sweeper has been tried and tested by the team,

The KRO-S1400 is equipped with an independent motor control, two-side brushes, main roller brush and a self-cleaning filtration system. The traction motor is reliable and powerful. Three-wheel chassis design, small turning diameter allows the KRO-S1400 to move freely even in a tighter spaces.

Main features:

  • Self-adjusting main roller brush system to ensure perfect cleaning results..
  • RWD system to adapt to any working conditions indoor and outdoor.
  • Extra large polyester filter with six barrels and electronic vibration system to ensure the filtering effect and long serving life.
  • Ride-on operation,flexible trun, increase the work efficiency and use more easily.
  • 70L water tank and water reduce-dust system can be chosen in order to operate in the special case to reduce secondary pollution.
  • Low-noise level design ensures the use in public environment, no affect on surrounding environment and personnel.
  • 1. International advanced cleaning, throwing and suction technology. Front brush adopts anti-collision automatic protection and automatic return device.

    2. Spray water spraying method, before and after the wine, spray evenly, minimize dust scattering when cleaning work

    3. Brushless drive motor, high efficiency, energy saving, and strong load capacity, with over-current and under-voltage protection function.

    4, Built-in powerful dust control system, strong dust absorption ability.

    5, Use of advanced high-performance maintenance-free battery, no leakage, no harmful gas.

    6, Reliable high quality parts, key parts use imported products, effectively reduce maintenance and repair costs.

    7. Solid high-elastic tires, special for airports, durable.

    8, Adopt automobile type electric control system, operation procedure is humanized.

    9. The brake system is a disc brake system, safe and stable.

    1.Configuration Structure
    Rolling plastic shell body and steel heavy chassis, durable and long life


Specification KRO-S1400
Sweeping width 1400mm
Main Central brush 700 mm
Side brush 500mm × 2pc
Max Working Speed 7 km/h
Max Driving Speed 8 km/h
Cleaning efficiency 9200 m2/h
Climbing Max gradient 28 %
Drive motor power 1200 W
Blower Power 700 W
Water tank capacity 70 L
Roller brush motor 24V / 900W
Dust collection motor 24V / 650W
Filter shaker motor 24V / 100W
Dustbin tank 180 L
Filter surface 5 m2
Dimensions 1750(L) X 1250(W) X 1350(H)mm
Batteries Maintenance Free 48V (12V X 4pc)
Batteries weight 132kg (33kg X 4pc)

100 Ah

Net weight 400 kg
Working Time 4 to 6 Hrs
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