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KF94 Face Mask (Korea Design)

Packing: 10pcs/pkt

Product Code : KF94

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Packing 10 Pcs / Pack

-4-Layer Protection with high quality

-‘KF’ for Korea Filter & ’94’ for ave

-0.4um particulate matter filtered

-min. 94% blocks up and protect against very small particles

Non Woven · Premium KF94 Mask (Easy Breathing)

· KFDA approved, FDA Registered

· GREAT SAFETY - 4-Layer Protection with high quality MB filter 


Wearing Method : - Open the mask and fold it - Stick the mask on your face, put your nose on the top, - Hang on the ear, adjust the size of the mask to completely cover the nose and mouth, - Use both hands to adjust the bridge of the nose on both sides of the mask This design is not like other masks, it gives you the most comfort, your lips may not touch the mask, so you can comfortably talk and wear lipstick. I fall in love with it for the first time wearing it, so nice and easy to breath, fashionable but yet comfortable too.

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