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TVX Auto Scrubber Walk Behind 20" Battery T45B

Size: 1170 X 550 X 975mm

Product Code : TVX45B

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Weight :
95 G
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Working Width: 510 mm

Squeegee Width: 780 mm

Capacities:2050 m2/h

Brush Pressure:35  kg

Brush RPM: 180 rpm

Brush motor: DC24 V / 500 W

Suction motor: DC24 V / 390W

Solution Tank: 45 L

Recovery Tank: 55 L

Dimensions: 1170 X 550 X 975mm

Battery:   12V 100A X 2 unit

Battery Weight: 35kg X 2 unit

Net Weight: 95 kg  

Standard Accesories: Floor Brush , Squeegee Blade

Features: Brush overload protection, Dustproof and Waterproof, Super large water tank. 

  •  Easy to clean dirty water rank to reduce the growth of bacteria.
  • • Sturdy body structure,ergonomic design to prevent fatigue.
  • • Lifting brush plate structure,more stable and easier to maintain.
  • • Replacement rubber blades without any tools,reversible rubber blades extend the wear life.
  • • New digital control system,clear and simple to operate.Effectively extend battery usage time and the service life of the motor.

T45B Walk Behind Scrubber provides users with the convenient and economic floor cleaning solution . 

Battey operate are more easy and convenient to handle and push to designated cleaning area, with 20" brush cleaning width are more faster to complete the 

cleaning job. 

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