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3M Floor Pads

BLACK PAD - Stripping, RED PAD - Buffing, WHITE PAD - Polishing, BEIGE PAD - Topline Speed Burnish pad

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Size: 16" , 18" , 20"

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Black Pad - Stripper

Remove finish, sealer and contaminants from the floor surface. Start at maintenance program and at times when scrubbing which not achiecve the desired results


Red Pad - Buffing

Remove scuffs and black heel marks and enhance floor apperance. use clean when damp, buffs when dry. use light scrub without dulling the finish.


White Pad - Polish

Remove light soil and other contaminants, use for polishing on wood floors


Beige Pad - Topline Speed Burnish pad

Bess gloss, optimizes UHS burnishing on a wide variety of finishes. Combine black mark removal and gloss generation in one pad



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