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Air Freshener Auto Dispenser LED 501 (Heavy Duty)

Size: 90(L)x 75(W) x 223(H)mm

Product Code : AZ501

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Quantity          :      30 units / Carton

Carton Size     :      473(L) x 273(W) x 495(H)

CBM               :      0.064 / carton

Gross Weight  :     ± 14.0 kgs

Colour Available               : White

Can Size                          : Able to suit most of the market’s short can and tall can sizes

Battery                             : 2D size battery (Super Heavy Duty & Above)

Material                            : ABS

Product Dimensions         : 85(L) x 81(W) x 238(H)

az-501-led-feature       az-500-led-feature-side


  • Up to 3 months battery life per cycle of battery (Depend on setting of spray interval)
  • Integrated metal necking for better aerosol can holding
  • Suitable to wall mounting or place on flat surface
  • Key locking system to prevent for pilferage
  • Optional Day, Night and 24 hours working mode with integrated light sensor
  • Flexible adjustable spray interval setting : 5 to 25 minutes
  • On / off mode switch
  • Self-diagnose system to check circuit run properly and fault indicator
  • Low battery indicator light
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