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Ecoformat DIY Set Car Mat (Magic Grip Backing)

Ecoformat DIY Set Car Mat (Magic Grip Backing)

Size : 60cm x 320cm

Product Code : ECO-4

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Color (One Tone) : Black 

Color (Two Tone) : Black Red, Black Grey, Brown Beige, Black Purple, Purple Blue 


*SGS is the world's leading inspection verification, testing and certification company.

SGS recognized as the global benchmark for quality and intergrity 


Ecoformat DIY Set Car Mat (Magic Grip Backing)

- Ecoformat has been tested in accordance with VDA standard & specifications

(German Assciation of the Automotive industry)

- Specifications are incorporate high-temperature hot melt technology to make strong

combination of rubber on the bottom, make it difficult to separate & without pungent smell of glue 

- Its free from specific Hazardous chemicals

- Non toxic heavy metals

- No bad odour 

- Not release formaldehyde 

- Not release VOCs

- Not release VOCs under high temperature 


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