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Forehead Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun (LED)
Forehead Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun (LED)

Forehead Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun (LED)

Size : 116(L) x 55(W) x 170(H)mm

Product Code : ZLK-IRT101

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Specification : 

Display resolution : (32.2°F)/(0.1°C)

Measuring range : (89.6°F~109.4°F)/(32°C~43°C) body mode (32°F~212°F)/(0°C~100) object mode

Measuring distance : 1~10cm

Operating ambient humidity : 80%RH

Storage temperature range : (13°F~131°F)/(-25°C)

Power : DC3V

Battery : 2 AAA batteries

IP rating : IP20

Production date : See at certificate of quanlity

Production validity : 3 years

Weight : 150g (without battery)


Instruction :

- Align the thermometer probe in the middle of your forehead and keep it vertical, about 3-5cm away. Press the measurement button, a "beep" sound will be heard after about 1 second, then the measurement is completed with the measured value displayed.

- When the temperature vary greatly, and affects the forehead temperature, please aim at the earlobe and measure.


Maintenance and Precautions :

Please keep the inner cavity of the sensor and probe clean, otherwise it will affect the measurement accuracy.

1. Surface cleaning : Wipe surface dirty with a clean soft cloth or cotton swab with a little medical alcohol or water.

2. Sensor and inner cavity cleaning : use a clean soft cloth and cotton swab to stick a little medical alcohol gently wipe the inner cavity of the probe or the top of the sensor, use until the alcohol is completely evaporated.

  • Please read the instruction carefully before use.
  • Do not immerse the thermometer in any liquid, and do not leave it under overheat or low temperature environment for a long time.
  • Collision prohibited. Dropping and mixing the sharp objects are prohibited, disassemble by yourself is prohibited.
  • The thermometer should not be used in the sun or water.
  • Do not use in strong electromagnetic interference environtment.
  • Keep the thermometer out of the reach of children .
  • It is recommended to practice several times to become familiar with the measuring method, and try not to change the product factory settings.
  • Measurement result are not a substitute for physician diagnosis.
  • No special maintenance is required during use, please contact the seller or manufacturer if there is any malfunction appears.


Notice : 

1. Before and after use, keep the inner cavity of the sensor and probe clean.

2. Please use the themometer in the stable temperature evironment. When the ambient temperature fluctuates greatly (such as from indoor to outdoor), please leave it for about ten minutes to measure.

3. Do not start measuring the body immediately after measuring an extremely high or low temperature of an object, please wait for ten minutes before measuring.

4. When the measurement object comes from a place with a large difference from the temperature of the measurement evirontment, it should be at least stay in the measurement evirontment for more than 5 minutes before using.

5. Try not to measure forehead hair blowing, sweating, applying cosmetics, etc. Do not measure body temperature within 30 minutes after exercise, bathing and meals.

6. Press and hold the SET button in power off state and enter the setting mode after the 'beep' sound. Press the SET button to select F4 and use the MEMO button switches between °C mode and °F mode. After setting, press the POW button to power off.

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