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Brown Luncheon Napkin Tissue 1 PLY & 2 PLY
Brown Luncheon Napkin Tissue 1 PLY & 2 PLY

Brown Luncheon Napkin Tissue 1 PLY & 2 PLY

Packing: 1ply X 200 sheets x 30pkt & 2ply X 100’s x 30pack

Product Code : LNB 1Ply

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Luncheon Napkin 1Ply Brown

Packaging : 200’s x 30pack / 1ctn (6000s)


Luncheon Napkin 2Ply Brown

Packing: 2ply X 100’s x 30pack / ctn (3000s)


Open Size  : 33cmx33cm
Description : 1/8 ,side emboss

A must-have for any restaurant, coffee or sandwich shop that places an emphasis on its environmental image, this pack of 6000 x Kraft recycled lunch napkins offers tremendous functionality while promoting more sustainable living.

Crafted from high quality, recycled paper, these single-ply napkins are incredibly strong, absorbent and fully compostable, ensuring comfortable wiping and effective cleaning while also lessening your impact on the environment.

A 100% recycled napkin holder also gives you an eco-friendly and convenient place to store your napkins, ensuring your customers are always able to access your sustainable serviettes.

Product features

  • Material Paper Brown kraft
  • Compostable and biodegradable
  • Soft to the touch
  • Strong material
  • Logo printing available
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