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NANO Shield Floor Polish 1kg

Packing : 1 Kg

Product Code : NSP

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Packing : 1kg

For all decorative hard floor covering including natural marble, artificial marble, ceramic, terrazzo and vinyl tile.

Wash and clean the floor before apply nano paste for best result.

Add 1table spoon with 1 table spoon water and sprinkle on to the area floor want to polish and use low speed floor scrubber to polish.

Apply section by section for best results Sprinkler nano shield paste on the floor area and put some water and use floor scrubber machine to polish until shine .

For floor use 3M white polish pad polish until see the shine depend on the floor condition, it may require apply 2nd time of nano if result not satisfactory.

It may take 10 to 20min to polish up for shine the floor.

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