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Road Barrier

Size : 1000(W) x 480(D) x 780(H)mm

Product Code : Road-Barrier

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Colour: Red or White

Road Traffic barriers keep vehicles within their roadway and prevent vehicles from colliding with dangerous obstacles such as boulders, buildings, walls or large storm drains.

The barriers are o installed at the road sides to prevent errant vehicles from traversing steep (non-recoverable) slopes or entering deep water.

To make sure they are safe and effective, traffic barriers undergo extensive simulated and full scale crash testing before they are approved for general use. While crash testing cannot replicate every potential manner of impact, testing programs are designed to determine the performance limits of traffic barriers and provide an adequate level of protection to road users


Hoarding panels boards for the road barriers are also available, providing additional privacy and allowing you to fence off and secure building and construction sites.

The panels are 1 metre high. When attached to the barrier it gives an overall height of approximately 1.7m.





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