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Rubber Road Hump End Piece

Size: 175(L) x 350 (W) x 50(H) mm

Product Code : RHE

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Material : Rubber

Color : Yellow or Black

Come with Bolt Nut 


Rubber speed humps are the traffic management control used for permanent or temporary vehicle speed reduction.

This rubber speed hump is made of tough recycled tyre rubber that is resistant to weather, salt, moisture, UV, oil, and temperature.

The speed humps will not warp, chip, or crack and they are easy to install and removable for surface maintenance, easy to relocate at a new site. Installation accessaries are optional.



Rubber speed humps shall be considered for installation in the following situations area need attention:

  • the safety of pedestrian and vehicle traffic requires improvement 
  • high risk of accidents on streets need to be reduced 
  • permanent or temporary lowering speed of the vehicles is required 
  • speeding of the vehicles create danger and sound 
  • temporary, test installation is required before construction of the
    permanent asphalt speed hump
  • only temporary installation is required due to planning certain changes in
    the traffic management system 
  • installation on surfaces when only flexible rubber speed humps may fully
    conform to the curvature of the street.


The main purpose of a speed bump is to slow people down. This is vital in areas that get high pedestrian traffic. Strategically placed speed bumps can hinder speeding vehicles before crossings, entrances and exits, sharp turns, etc. This helps prevent accidents by a large margin.

Locations should be considered for installation of the rubber speed humps: 

  • school zones and school crossings
  • residential areas 
  • playground areas 
  • hospitals and nursing homes 
  • shopping centers 
  • parking facilities 
  • gas stations 
  • temporary traffic detouring zones 
  • construction work zones 
  • warehouse yards, indoor and outdoor. 
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