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3A Coil Mat with Edging - WELCOME / SELAMAT DATANG (Dry)
3A Coil Mat with Edging - WELCOME / SELAMAT DATANG (Dry)

3A Coil Mat with Edging - WELCOME / SELAMAT DATANG (Dry)

Size: 1.2m X 9m , 1,2m X 18m (4' X 30', 4' X 60')

Product Code : 3ACM-W

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Red, Blue, Green, Black, Grey, Green, Yellow, Brown, Yellow


Size OPTION custom made tailor to the entrance with option of rubber edging.

Come with cushion backing

Word custom available  " WELCOME", SELAMAT DATANG

Coilmat is uniquely designed to trap dirt and dust concealing them below the surface thus keeping the surface clean and attractive at all times.

Vinyl Coilmat is simple and easy to maintain; Just flush with water for thorough cleaning of mat.

Tracking Of Dirt And Moisture Is Minimized, Protecting Your Clean Floors And Carpet.
Easy And Inexpensive To Maintain. Just Shake, Vacuum Or Rinse Out.

Applicable to Office Entrance, Main Entrance, Inside Building Entrance, Interior Walk.


Common Applications: Hallway Areas, Factories Entrance, Production Areas.

Roll Form • Std Size • Custom Made Available (Wording & Rubber Edging)

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