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3M Safety Walk Anti Slip Tape 2
3M Safety Walk Anti Slip Tape 2
3M Safety Walk Anti Slip Tape 2

3M Safety Walk Anti Slip Tape 2"

Size: 2" (W) X 60ft (L)

Product Code : 3MSW370

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Color: Black / Black Yellow Stripe 


Soft textured, non-mineral, medium resilent surface bonded to as preasure-sensitive adhesive backed plastic film.

For barefoot or shoe traffic areas

Slip resistant vinyl surface

Textured with high friction surface and durable adhesive provide long lasting.

Area of Usage: Stairs step, Locker room, pools, watercraft, water skis, factory

  • For irregular or contoured surfaces in light to heavy shoes – Traffic Areas
  • Mineral – Coated, high friction slip-resistant surface
  • Aluminium backing conforms to corners, curves, and irregular surfaces
  • Aggressive, high performance adhesive forms an excellent bond for a secure hold
  • Safety yellow color for high visibility and easy identification of hazard areas

Colour: Black

Application: Platforms, Loading Docks, Ladders, Ramps, Stairs/Steps, Diamond Plated, Irregular or contoured walking surface

To apply abrasive strips to steps:

  1. Make sure the steps are dry and clean.
  2. Cut the abrasive strip to length.
  3. Peel off the paper backing.
  4. Align the strip on the step about 1” from the nose of the tread.
  5. Press the strip down into place.



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