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Andersen Safety Scrape Mat Clean Grip (Wet / Dry)

Andersen Safety Scrape Mat Clean Grip (Wet / Dry)

Size: 3' x 5' , 4' X 6'

Product Code : ASM B

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Color: Black

Material: 100% Nitrile rubber

Durable heavy duty safety mats works wonders in environments where traction is essential.


Oil, chemical and water resistance with molded face cleats act as scrapers to remove heavy dirt and soil

from shoes and provide excellent non-skid surface.


The non-skid gripper backing improves non-slip even in wet, oily or muddy environment.

Easy cleaning procedures just hose with water.


Common Usage: Kitchen, Locker Rooms, Outside Main Entrances, Behind Lounge Counters & Bars, Production Areas and Slippery Inclines.

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