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3M Entrap Mat Heavy Duty

Size: 4' x 50' / roll , Thickness: 5mm

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Features : 
* Molded Z Grip-Surface Effectively Scrapes Tough Dirt And Grime Off Shoes And Provides An Excellent Anti-Slip Surface.
* Earth-Friendly ; Has 20% Recycled Rubber Content.

* Allow water run through mat and allow mat area drier than surronding area to prevent falls and slips.
* UV Stable, Strong Lasting, Heavy Duty
* Recommended For Use In Locker Rooms, Grocery Store Produce Areas, Around Swimming Pool, Saunas,  Wet Areas, Barefoot Traffic Ares, Amusement Park

Roll Size : 4' x 50'

Custom Length And Size are available.

Color: Red, Grey, Blue, Black, Green

Thickness : 5mm



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