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Kenju Auto Scrubber Walk Behind 20" AS50C (Cable)

Size: 1240(L)X 620(W)X950(H)mm

Product Code : KAS-50C

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Items : KAS50C
Rated Voltage : 220 V
Working Width : 510 mm
Water Suction Width : 755 mm
Work Efficiency : 1750 m²/h
Brush : 20"
Brush Plate Speed : 160 rpm
Brush Plate Motor : 220 V 750 W
Brush Plate Pressure : 30 kg
Water Suction Motor : 220 V 1000 W
Vacuum Degree : 180 mbar
Turning Radius : 600 mm
Clean Water Tank Capacity : 40 L
Dirty Water Tank Capacity : 50 L
Noise Level : 65 dB
Machine Weight : 78 kg
Net Weight : 78 kg
Rough Weight : 103 kg
Length Of Wire : 15 m
Warranty : 6 months 

1. KAS50C auto scrubber is an ideal floor cleaning machine, which is with flexible
    operation, triangular brushes design and high cleaning efficiency.

2. Compact design, intergrated shell and handle, durable structure, operation panel at a glance,convenient 
   control simple operation.

3. Sewage equips with full water device, protect suction motor, long working hours, clear water tank,
sewage tank capacity is big,ensure to work long hours.

4. Curved water squeegee,water absorption is more effective,brush plate equipped with the protective
    cover to prevent the sewage from over flowing.


Regardless of the restaurant, hotel, restaurant,coffee hall,cinema, Leisure center,gym,office buildings Such narrow clean environment can use freely,while cleaning automatic completion of sewage recycling,achieve really high perfect cleaning effect.

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