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VIPER Auto Scrubber Walk Behind AS4335C (Denmark) (Cable)

Size: 1200(L) X 610(W) X 1170(H) mm

Product Code : VIPER AS4335C

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Solution Tank: 35 Liter
Recovery Tank: 35 Liter
Brush/Pad Diameter: 17''
Working Width 432mm
Drive wheel 15cm
Brush/ Pad pressure: 19kg
Squeegee width : 73cm
Sound pressure level: 67 dB(A)
Speed Control: 170RPM
Brush Motor: 250W
Vacuum Motor: 2-Stage 300W
Weight: 64 kgs
Cable : 20 m
Aisle turn Min : 103cm
Size: 1200(L) X 610(W) X 1170(H) mm


Product of Denmark

Accesories Included
-Floor brush
-Pad Holder
-Front and Back Squeegee Blade

The VIPER AS4335C are walk-behind microscrubbers built to simplify daily medium-scale floorcare with
easy operation, reliable performance, and reduced resource consumption. The cable-powered AS4335C and AS4325 both offer fast, high-efficiency cleaning with wide brush decks, large tank capacities for the micro-scrubber class, and features that help keep resource costs to a minimum.
Both are excellent solutions for maintaining cleanliness standards in retail, hospitality, and schools, providing excellent results across various common surface types with minimal training and maintenance.

Key features include:
• Ergonomic handle reduces operator fatigue and can adjust to
different operators; also reduces space requirements for transport,
storage, and operation
• Safety switches make it easy to control brush start and stop
• Intuitive dashboard-based control of all functions for both models

Easy to use. Both the built in charger, reduced pushing force and ergonomics starts / stop switch
give the user a better handling of the product.

Suitable for cleaning in middle sized area of hotels, restaurants, schools, shopping malls and
other retail outlets, as well as hospitals, metro/train stations

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