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VIPER Sweeper PS480 (Manual)
VIPER Sweeper PS480 (Manual)
VIPER Sweeper PS480 (Manual)
VIPER Sweeper PS480 (Manual)
VIPER Sweeper PS480 (Manual)

VIPER Sweeper PS480 (Manual)


Product Code : PS480 Sweeper

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VIPER Sweeper PS 480 manual walk-behind sweeper is compact, robust and easy to use. With high productivity rates at an affordable price, the PS480 is perfect for use with an capacity of 38 litre hoppers, before using a scrubber dryer. Can be used for both outdoor and indoor cleaning. The VIPER SSweeper will pick up paper, leaves, bottle caps, corks, cigarette butts,screws, nails, etc. 

This sweeper is built on a rugged frame, and the brooms are rotated via a belt drive or by a simple two wheel transmissionwith very little need for service since no motor, battery and non power cord.

Suggested areas for use are gardens, courtyards,filling stations, car parks, schools, hotels, offices, warehouses and factories, train stations, and exhibition spaces.



Power Source:  Manual

Productivity rate main broom theoretical / actual (m2/h)  : 1920 / 960

Working width w/right side broom :  700mm

Main Broom length Inside  : 480 mm

Hopper Volume  : 38 Liter

Weight: 19.5 kg

Shipping Weight: 23.8 kg /ctn

Operation Size: 1320(L) X 850(W) X 1000(H)mm

Dimension Size: 950(L) X 850(W) X 1030(H)mm

Packaging Size :  860(L) X 810(W) X 390(H)mm

Accesories : Main Broom , Side Broom

Optional Accesoies : Left Side Broom


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